15 Scandinavian designs for beautiful bathroom

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Looking for inspiration for your next bathroom decor project? Love the images in the Ikea Catalogue but want to create something unique in your own home? We have some gorgeous examples to share with you today, that will hopefully help you add that Scandinavian vibe to the most private room in your home.

15 Awesome Scandinavian Bathroom Design Ideas


Everyone can relate to the burning desire to redecorate their bathroom every once in a while. A bathroom is a place of serenity where we go to unwind after a long day at work, making it all the more important to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Everything from wall colors to artwork to organizational arrangement can either make or break your bathroom décor. Sprucing up your bathroom space can be intimidating because of the overwhelming number of choices.

In this post, our preferred design elements are heavily borrowed from minimalist Scandinavian themes. This is because despite living in dark, cold climates, Scandinavians make use of naturally bright materials to offer simplicity, beauty, and utility in a tiny package.

The overarching theme of Scandinavian homes is straight lines, neutral and white colors, and practical elements that maximize functional spaces that make the most use of natural lighting.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to help you spruce up your bathroom space or simply want ideas for inspiration, then take a look at our guide for some brilliant Scandinavian themes.

1. White

Scandinavian bathrooms typically utilize a shade of white for the three surfaces: floors, walls, and ceilings. Painting the floor with Nordic inspired shapes and figures looks great. If you already have dark walls, then it will take a few more coats of paint than usual. The basic idea behind such bathrooms is to declutter the surroundings to provide you with lots of room for movement.

2. White Bricks

Whit bricks can provide a substantial boost to your bathroom’s overall aesthetics. Whether you want to jazz up the floors, walls, or vanities, white bricks have the potential to bring the decorative Scandinavian look you desire. There are many shades of white you can choose from, ranging from pristine brights to creamy ivories – all which varying results. For instance, pure white bricks give an impression of a more spacious feel with uptown vibes, perfect for small bathrooms.

You can use warmer decorating temperatures in larger bathrooms with a wall that features painted bricks in softer white palettes.

3. Using Natural Materials

With so much white concentrated in a single portion of the bathroom, it is important to balance things out by adding warmer colors. Natural textures such as rugs, wood, and fur are good options that help you stay within your budget while putting together an aesthetically pleasing bathroom. If you’re worried about budgetary issues, you can make do with indoor plants such as garden mums and dracaena. These plants are well known for their ability to filter toxins suspended in the ambient air.

3. Pallet Furniture

Pallets are good for DIY bathroom projects and accommodate a wide range of options including wall treatments and storage spaces to contain greenery. They are a resource that most people can easily access without worrying about budgetary constraints. Pallets allow you to stay true to Scandinavian interior decors because of their combination of cozy, warm textures, and minimal lines.

4. Wall Art

It isn’t difficult to fill your bathroom with wall art that that brings a combination of colorful design with inspiring effects. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to bathroom wall art, because something as simple as framed photographs is enough to do the job.

A simple message inscribed next to the shower also qualifies as wall art. Mirrors are excellent choices in this regard because they make the bathroom look larger. Depending on the frames, they also create a more bold look.

Because mirrors are affordable, depending on their frame and size, you can set up multiple small mirrors in an artistic way to complement each other.

5. Different Layers of Light

Choosing light fixtures for bathroom design can be an overwhelming process. The shower, tub area, and vanity require different choices, but they must complement each other to make the overall design feel cohesive and stylish. A good choice would be to install three layers of light to bring more charm to the bathroom space. A good strategy is to ensure that the light fixtures are distributed evenly.

As an example: the first layer could be chandeliers for sprucing up the ambience, the second layer could involve task lighting to help with grooming activities like shaving and applying makeup, and the third layer could be accent lighting, which is designed to highlight architectural elements of the interior décor.

6. A Touch of Blue

Blue colors deliver minimalism, a strong feature of Scandinavian design. A touch of blue can create a spacious, fun, and beautiful space. Note how the blue frames of the mirror perfectly complement the blue colored bricks on the wall. Even something as simple as blue colored hydrangea can spark can make the space and make it more lively.

7. Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are important if you want to stay true to the Scandinavian theme of decluttering the environment and minimizing waste of important space. Cabinets are perfect places to provide storage space to your linens, toiletry items, makeup, and other grooming devices. There are several design choices when it comes to bathroom cabinets, these include wall cabinets, floor cabinets, and even rolling storage cabinets – all depending on what you need.

8. Darkness

Scandinavian style is predominantly known for its brightness, but it can also accommodate moodier, darker colors. In this example, the dark walls of this bathroom strongly contrast the beautiful wooden countertops which are brightly illuminated with light fixtures. A touch of green in the form of a plant adds more diversity to the room’s overall color palette.

What really makes a difference here is the skylight, which provides this bathroom with a lot of depth and space.

9. White and Black

Sometimes the simplest solutions offer the best blend between aesthetics and functionality. In this case, this unique mixture of black and white color palette provides the perfect foundation to make your bathroom spaces more lively. As an example, you can add a range of more diverse colors to the room with small touches like linens, mirrors, accessories, or a new coat of paint.

10. Absolutely Minimal

If you want to go for an absolutely minimalistic design with straight lines everywhere, then this Scandinavian bathroom more than delivers. It is populated predominantly by two color palettes – white and wooden textures. The little touch of green makes the space more lively. It’s a clever design choice that allows you to add more decorative items at a later time.

11. Gray Bathrooms

Many homeowners think of gray as a boring and bland choice when it comes to decorating. But the right approach can turn the dull grays into beautiful shades of neutral. Gray is by far one of the most popular neutrals that can be partnered with just about anything. Gray also encourage a more minimalistic, clutter-free bathroom design.

The secret to achieving an absolutely minimalist bathroom design is to get rid of all those toothpaste tubes, hair brushes, excessive decorative items perched on countertops, and overflowing baskets.

12. Selfie Mirror

It is uber simplistic but allows you to take full body images because of the large mirror. The black borders of the mirror beautifully contrast the white walls. This design only features dark and black combinations to stay true to Scandinavian décor.

13. Farmhouse Bathroom

Although it is small, this bathroom is extremely comfortable and demonstrates the true beauty of while. The choice of tiles for the wall provides an ideal foundation for the rest of the design elements in the room. Despite featuring a versatile design choice, the bathroom does not detract from the goals of achieving minimalism.

14. Geometric Tiled Bathroom


This bathroom uses neutral colors to imbue the room with unique quirkiness and vivaciousness. The cherry on top is the geometric tiled wall that leads up to the walk-in shower.

This design choice might seem a little unfaithful to Scandinavian ideals of minimalism but still provides a decluttered space if done right. The reason why we prefer adding geometric tiles is that even the most outdated and mundane bathrooms can leave you mesmerized through their awe-inspiring shapes.

Geometric tiles are like cheat codes that let you spruce up your bathroom space without spending too much time thinking. The popular color choices for minimal and contemporary bathrooms are white, gray, and black tones.

This way, you’re able to bring a trendy pattern into the bathroom without taking away from the bathroom’s serenity, making it instantly popular with homeowners.

15. Golden Bathroom

Gold is the ultimate symbol of status, and in this case, the perfect, if expensive, way of decorating your bathroom.  This bathroom perfectly captures the essence of extravagance and mixes it with Scandinavian overtones. Notice the white linens in the far end of either corner, which seems to disappear against the background.

What’s best here is the wooden door which provides enough contrast to marble floors and walls. Gold can be added to fixtures, walls, tiling, flooring, ceiling, and other areas of the bathroom. The luxurious metal adds a lot of shine to otherwise dull and boring spaces.

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of interesting bathrooms that feature elements of Scandinavians‘ interior design. This can be an elusive decor style to capture but as these images show, there’s a variety of ways in which you can incorporate it into your bathroom, with a myriad of setups to choose from.

Also, we encourage you to try other ideas in designing your bedroom, just in case you’re having second thoughts of this post. You should check out 40+ Minimalist Bathroom Ideas That Will Inspire You. Also, check out 40+ Boho Bathroom Ideas for that different approach to designing bathrooms.

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